Get some Perspective & Escape the noise and pressures of the concrete jungle. Less than one hour from the Melbourne CBD you can be SkyHigh – on the uppermost reach of the Dandenong Ranges, amid cool fern glades and lush towering native forest, looking at the big picture, from the Mornington Peninsula across the majestic sweep of Port Phillip Bay, surrounded by Melbourne’s growing urban fringes, to the You Yangs on the southern horizon. After sunset the southern sky, brilliant in the clear mountain night, is imitated by a spectacular carpet of city lights.

First established as a survey point in 1861 this historic area, which has undergone a lavish and sympathetic redevelopment, affords a unique overview of Greater Melbourne. Enjoy the unparalleled vista from the SkyHigh Bistro or fire up a public barbecue, spread a rug and picnic on the elevated viewing terrace.

SkyHigh is open 7 days a week 365 days a year. This includes Easter, Christmas Day and public holidays. The front gates open at 9am during the week and 8am for public holidays and weekends.