Trees Adventure is Australia’s premier Treetop Adventure experience.

Our 3 parks, in Victoria and New South Wales feature exciting and challenging courses high in the tree canopy, that will have all the familly swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest allowing thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts to experience the trees like never before.

Our sessions run for 2 hours including training. Early arrival of around 20-30 minutes beforehand is important for gearing up so we can get you started on time. You will then get to choose which of the courses you would like to experience at Trees Adventure.

Zip between the trees at frightening speeds on our flying foxes – the longest more than 100m –, while cargo nets, rope bridges and wooden obstacles offer physical challenges high above the ground. There’s even an airborne skateboard!
During your Treetop adventure, the courses become increasingly difficult as you climb higher into the canopy, which means that you can find the right level to suit you from 4 years olds (*Glen Harrow’s starting age group is from 5 year olds) to 75 (our oldest known participant in Nowra is 82).

So your kids will have fun 2 meters high in the Trees when your teens will be flying up to 20 meters. Quite scary !